Blair’s Wish is a small non-profit organisation that assists Central Coast families with children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and similar conditions. We operate an Equipment Loan Pool, provide support to our families and aim to increase a greater awareness of Cerebral Palsy in our community.

About Blair’s Wish...

In March 2011, out of desperation to help her youngest son, Julia Sawer started a facebook page called ‘Blair’s Wish’. Raising a child severely disabled with Cerebral Palsy, and providing him with the equipment and therapy needed to give him the quality of life he deserved, is beyond the average family’s financial means. Most pieces of equipment cost in the thousands of dollars and Blair had a lifetime of equipment and therapy needs. Applying for funding was possible, for equipment deemed necessary, however the process at best took months, sometimes years and was never guaranteed.

When Julia Sawer was told that her 18 month old little boy Blair had Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, she was devastated. For the first two years of Blair’s life she grieved for what should have been and waited for someone to take control…to tell her what to do. Raising Blair was like being a first time Mum all over again.

The family were overwhelmed with messages of support from families like themselves with special needs children and the greater community. The response that the ‘Blair’s Wish’ facebook received could not have been anticipated, that as a result an anonymous individual would offer to purchase a standing frame for their son.

As a result of such kind heartedness, the vision of operating an Equipment Loan Pool, for children with Cerebral Palsy, living on the NSW Central Coast was born. By June 2011, Blair’s Wish was a registered as a not-for-profit organisation or charity with DGR status, run by a small group of dedicated volunteers.

About Julia Sawer (President & Founder)...

Julia Sawer founder of Blair’s Wish, volunteers her time as President assisted by a small group of dedicated volunteers, many of which themselves have a child with CP or special needs. Julia is mother to Blair, his big sister Emily and brother Brayden and together with husband Chris live on the NSW Central Coast of Australia.

Julia studied for her Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Technology Sydney and has been a Registered Nurse since 1995. She has worked in variety of specialties areas and particular loved working with babies & children. Prior to Blair’s premature birth, it had been Julia’s intention to soon return to study. She had always dreamed of one day becoming a midwife and had an interest in working in Neonatal Intensive Care with premature babies.

In 2012, for her work with Blair’s Wish, Julia was nominated as Central Coast NSW Volunteer of the Year.

In her spare time Julia spends hours researching the latest therapy ideas and equipment available for children with special needs. Julia personally oversees the Blair’s Wish Facebook page, which she updates daily so as to keep in touch with Blair’s Wish supporters and in particular to support children with special needs and their families. She also hopes that by doing so she will be able to build a better community awareness of Cerebral Palsy, it’s affect on children, adults and their families in living with it. Julia likes to call Blair’s Wish... ‘Her kind of therapy’!

Our Vision...

  • To operate a Loan Pool of vital equipment for children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and special needs children diagnosed with conditions similar to Cerebral Palsy, living on the NSW Central Coast of Australia.
  • To provide support to families and children affected and by Cerebral Palsy and similar disabilities
  • To increase public awareness of Cerebral Palsy


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